Lightning Dart

Lightning Dart

Lightning User Interface in Dart

Lightning Dart is a library for developing web applications based on the CSS framework Salesforce Lightning Design System. SLDS provides scss/css, icons and fonts, but no functionality.

Lightning Dart provides the most complete component functionality for slds. Written in Dart, it compiles into Javascript ("Dart - the better Javascript"), so the delivery is a "one page apps". You can add business functionality by writing the code in Dart - or in Javascript directly - or any language which can call Javascript.

The Framework is not dependent on functionality or context and can be used independently.

The Salesforce Lightning CSS framework is similar to Bootstrap but uses more recent CSS technology and concentrates on building Web Applications, not Web Sites.

Lightning Dart is mainly used to generate the user interface manually or from meta data. In addition to that you can create a traditional html layout and then add the component functionality via Dart or Dart.

This site uses the default theme. You can easily change the design tokens and regenerate the css from the scss code, or customize the css as usual. We added some scss files for enhanced component functionality.


The demos show different configurationa and options for the components with the code required to create the example.

Component Demo: click on one of the different size icons - Desktop - Tablet - Phone on the left menu bar.

Form Demo: click the Example Form icon on the left menu bar - submit the form to sign up for major updates via email.

Workspace Demo: click on the Example Workspace icon on the left menu bar and check out an early version of the meta data driven workbench. All server interactions are simulated with a 5 second delay

The current version requires modern browsers to see the SVG based icons.

Documentation, Support, Help

You find the Documentation in the Knowledge base at   and our Blog about our Lightning Experience Journey.

For Support, Help and any Questions, send an email to or go to

For consulting or custom development, just send an email to


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